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          Integrated Custom Blow Molding Manufacturing

          North American Plastics, Ltd. is an ISO certified provider of custom plastic injection molding and blow molding for customers across North America. If you need a worry free solution for your project, allow us to serve you as well. Our industry leading experience and state of the art injection molding and blow molding equipment allows us to serve customers from many different business segments and industries.

          For nearly 40 years, North American Plastics, Ltd. has provided custom blow molded plastic products that include bottles, bellows and an assortment of specialty containers. We have the proven experience, reputation and state of the art blow molding equipment that allows us to take your project from concept design to production.


          blow molded bellows


          blow molded bottles

          Custom Parts and Projects

          blow molded bladders

          Ask About Our Services - Get Your Project Started Today!

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